IZI LLC sponsors Self I-Dentity through Ho'oponopono®


IZI LLC will continue to devote the necessary care and policy to help ensure your personal safety, while offering the classes you may be interested in attending.

  1. ONLINE CLASSES: We have made available ONLINE classes. We invite you to participate in Online SITH classes. The Ho’oponopono instruction will be the same. You will receive the full class materials…..being in the same room is not necessary for you to receive the information. We care about your safety, the safety of your families and we want to continue to adjust our way of doing business to help eliminate the spread of COVID-19.
  2. IN PERSON CLASSES: If/as IN PERSON classes are approved, the Coordinator takes full responsibility for meeting the COVID-2019 legal requirements, restrictions and rules for their country, area and hotel. If or as new developments regarding COVID-2019 emerge, the Coordinator will share information with the student about how the class will continue to operate in accordance with the requirements, restrictions and rules.

As new developments emerge, IZI LLC will share information with you about how we continue the care and policy to operate safely.

Details regarding student Covid-19 restrictions and requirements are included in these links below. You will be required to use the app Check in Qld for all eateries. More specific information at registration and during class will be outlined in your Registration Confirmation email. If a lockdown does occur at the time of the class, it will still go ahead but as an Online class.

Important Links for Covid-19 When Travelling to Qld:

Queensland Border Restrictions
Queensland Vaccination Plan

Thank you
Ho’oponopono Australia